Applied Technical Services
Alton, NH

Technical Services Available:
Technical assistance in the design and production of high voltage equipment.
Technical assistance in application and testing of dielectric Polymers.
Production Testing
Qualifying Tests
Certification Testing
Design Review and problem solving of high voltage equipment and cabling.
Design Review and problem solving of dielectric and high voltage standoff.

Fiber Optic
Provide certified splice technician to the submarine and terrestrial fiber optic cable industry.
Provide qualified optical test technician to the submarine and terrestrial cable industry.
Design assistance in splicing and testing splices in singlemode fiber.
Technical assistance and Design Review of completed singlemode fiber optic systems.
Completed system testing and certification of fiber optics cabling.

Electrical and Mechanical Assembly

Machine Shop:

Drilling, Turning, Milling, Lapping, Grinding, CNC Plasma cutting and welding. Assembly of small and medium sized parts. Casting, molding, potting for electrical and environmental seals.

Electrical assembly:
Machine control panels, Flow and level controls, Terminal nodes for data acquisition, control cables with connectors, low voltage and high voltage cable assemblies.

Testing Capabilities
Electrical Testing:
DC Hi-pot Test up to 100,000 Volts with measurements down to 0.1 microampere
AC Hi-pot Test up to 40,000 Volts down to 0.1 microampere
VLF Hi-pot Test
Insulation Resistance Test
DAR (Dielectric Absorption Ratio) Test
5000 V Megohmeter tests up to 2500G ohms
PI (Polarization index) Test
Corona testing - with onset and extinction voltage levels up to 40,000 volts AC or DC
Superimpose 12,000 volts of AC over 38,000 volts of DC vary high stress
Wet/Dry Voltage Withstand Test up to 100,000 Volts in rain or total Submersion
Ground Bond Tester 25 to 600 amperes of applied current
Partial Discharge Detection both electrical and visible with photo imaging techniques
TDR test on electrical cables

Mechanical Testing:
Cable End Strain Test: Used to test how secure cable ends and connectors are attached to cable. Tests up to 600 lbs.
High pressure Seal Test: Used to test cable end connectors and fitting seals. Test uses helium up to 2000 psi or water up to 3000 psi.
Vacuum Test: Used to test cable end connectors and fitting seals.

Fiber Optic Testing:
OTDR (Optical Time Domain Reflectometer)
Insertion loss
Chromatic Dispersion Measurements
Lightwave Polarization Measurements
PMD (Polarization mode dispersion) Measurements



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