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High Voltage Patch Panel

The purpose of high voltage patch panels are to make connections between the power feed equipment and CTE's see diagram one.

Rating: Voltage 15,000 VDC
or 20,000 VDC Current 5 Amp
Patch Cord Types: 1. Pin & sleeve connectors with silicon cable
2. Lemo connectors with RG8 cable

Patch Panel in diagram one shown with 6 receptacles 2 to 10 are available.

Patch panels are equipped with mechanical and electrical interlocks.

Mechanical interlocks: Utilize keys with the ATS key management system.
Electrical interlocks: Monitor the High voltage access door. When door opens the power feed equipment will shut down.





( Key management system installed in ship board high voltage test equipment)

The purpose of the Key Management System is to secure and track the interlock keys that are used to access the high voltage compartments in CTE's and the patch panel. When the key is missing from the KMS, powering of the system is not feasible. The key must be in the lock and rotated to 3 o'clock to close the electrical interlocks and is held until rotated back to 12 o'clock to be removed. The system can be designed to track from one to twenty-five keys. We can design larger systems if needed.

The key is held by a CTE or high voltage patch panel when compartments are open and can not be removed until compartments are closed and secure. Only then can the key be removed and placed in the KMS.

Electrical interlock circuit: 1 NO and 1 NC contact.


New PC based Key Control System

& Remote Key Access

From compact desk top to large industrial rack mount systems

( Above is a 3 key Desk top system that has LEDs for release status indication.)

( Large nine key industrial rack mount system.)

Track from 1 to 25 interlock keys that are used to access high voltage equipment or other hazardous equipment and areas.

PC based systems are adaptable to release an individual key or groups of keys.

Remotely release keys by telephone from anywhere in the world.


We have a large number of lock types to choose from.



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