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Transoceanic Fiber-Optic Cable Terminating Equipment / CTE

The purpose of a CTE (Cable Terminating Equipment) is to terminate under sea fiber-optics telecommunications cable for the safe application of power from the power feed equipment and connection of the fibers to optical test equipment for sub-section or completed system testing.


Test Cable Entrance Series C Stainless Steel
Model Number
Series B Mild Steel
Model Number
Left Hand CLA510KV BLA510KV
Right Hand CRA510KV BRA510KV
Left Hand CLA515KV CLA515KV
Right Hand CRA510KV BRA510KV
Stainless steel recommended for use on board ship and mild steel with a gray paint finish for inside industrial applications.




Voltage Rating
10 KV or 15KV
Current Rating 5 amps
Weight in Lbs. 128
Dimension 49'x11'x10"
Housing 14 Gage Stainless or mild steel
Cable Diameter Ž1/4" min. to 1 1/2" max.
Optical Connection 6 to 72 Type APC, UPC, ST, FC, SC


Cable Clamping System: CTE's have double clamps. One set for the Outer cable and will exert 500 pounds or more on a 6" length of cable. Preventing cable from being accidentally pulled out of the CTE's when powering. The second clamp is for the power conductor which can be disconnected from PFE and ground without removing the cable.

Heavy duty Interracial Key Locks With extra large Keys used for the mechanical interlocks. Keys are one of a kind and if lost or distorted are available through ATS.

Additional equipment available for use with CTE's:

19" Rack Mounted Key Management Systems for integrating the mechanical and electrical interlocks. Recommended

Rack mount or wall mount master control unit for Electrical interlocks with emergency shut-down system zoned for locating activated stations faster for a quick response to the area. Recommended

Remote Voltage and current monitoring for extended locations, for example: cable control room, bridge deck or at each CTE.

Isolated grounding system for grounding High Voltage return with grounding receptacles. Recommended



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