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Transoceanic Fiber-Optic Cable Back to Backs

The purpose of a Back to Back is to make a temporary connection between two cable sections, to continue through those sections both power and light for testing.





  Part # BBA510KV
Voltage Rating: 10,000VDC
Current Rating: 5 amps
Weight in Lbs.: 49 lbs.
High Voltage Compartment: 18"X 12"X 3"
Overall Dimensions: 24 1/2 "X 15"X 5"
Back Plate Material: 1/4" Aluminum
Clamp Material: 2" Aluminum
Cable Diameter: 1/4" min. 1" max.
Optical Connectors: Space provided for fusion or other mechanical splices

The Back to Backs are equipped with internal locks.

Back to Back's are not watertight and should be used and stored in clean, dry, well ventilated area of the ship or testing facility, not left out in the weather. Remember salt spray or dirt will leave a deposit on equipment that will conduct electricity. High voltage testing will produce ozone. Ventilation is needed in the area to prevent a buildup of ozone gas.

Back to Backs have grounding cable and clamp.



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